Parish Project Update #2

  • Progress
    • John and I are making great progress on our project. We spent 3 hours in the archives gathering historical documents and pictures on Parish House and its history. The two professors working in the archives had personal connections to Carleton. One of the professors was a student in the 1980s and the other professor was a dean of students at Carleton for 20 years. Because of the professors’ connection to Carleton, we were able to get pictures and personal stories on Parish House.
  • Problems (and proposed solutions)
    • The issue we ran into was trying to find admissions data before 1999. John and I decided to solve this by using the zoobooks from 1967(when Parish was open to students) to 1977. We will be looking at where and the number of students coming from outside of the United States. We can manually process the data by looking at the zoobooks and finding the relevant data because we are not using a lot of data, but John has a data technique that can help streamline the process if we decided to look at more zoobook texts.
  • Tools and techniques
    • We will use a multimedia approach to our project. We will give a history of Parish house using the Timeline JS application. Then, we plan to use a GIS map and statistical techniques to present international student data. We also will include an interesting facts section where we will present the Parish house fire and the Halloween party tradition with a narrative film using iMovie. We plan to use images as the screen content, and in addition to our own narration, we will also include any relevant audio interviews from the Carleton archives. Lastly, we are going to do a video interview with the current Languages Associates on their experiences at Parish. As time allows, we will author the pages of our website with in-house HTML, CSS, and JavaScript; pages with inherently less engaging content (e.x. pages that only provide a thumbnail of a video) will be given particular consideration. The fallback plan is to use WordPress, or another free and open source CMS.
  • Deliverables
    • We just finished the timeline and we are in the process of getting our interviews and creating a script for our movie narrative for the interesting facts. We plan to have filmed the video interviews, compiled the zoobook data, obtained all historical texts (e.x. Carletonian articles), and obtained all images for use in our project by the end of this coming weekend (3/2-3/3). By the middle of next week, we plan to have completed all remaining tasks, after which we will proofread/refine/edit the presentation of our processed data. As stands, we remain on schedule.

Author: Kwaku

1 thought on “Parish Project Update #2

  1. John and Kwaku, your project seems to be coming along nicely and I’m very interested to read and experience all the different takes on Parish House you have unearthed.

    I’m curious if you’ve decided to pursue John’s “data technique that can help streamline the process if we decided to look at more zoobook texts,” and if so what that is? If not, I might be able to offer some suggestions.

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