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Parish House History

John and I used various digital humanities tools to show the social and physical history of Parish House. The purpose of this project is to…

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Text Sentiment with R

Artificial intelligence is a vital tool in the DH community. R Studio’s Text Sentiment analysis is a great tool to help academics analyze historical documents…

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Parish Project Update #2

Progress John and I are making great progress on our project. We spent 3 hours in the archives gathering historical documents and pictures on Parish…

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London’s Oil Canvas Painting History

The significance of the project is to display famous paintings during the photogenic oil painting movement in the late 1800s in London.

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Building and Diversity With Parish House

John Mullan and I are planning to do a DH project on how Parish House impacted the growth of the international student body at Carleton….

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Database Debate

Relation databases are extremely useful for holding large amounts of data. “Big Data” is a buzz word that you hear on a variety of disciplines…

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Let’s all learn how to code

I did not know how to code or the interworking’s of computers until I came to Carleton. I heard about computer science and programming languages…

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HTML& CSS with Kwaku

I’ve had limited experience doing statistics coding in R and database management in SQL for my internships. However, I’d never coded on a webpage in…

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Mapping Ineqaulity Exploration

Robert K. Nelson(University of Richmond), LaDale Winling(Virginia Tech), Richard Marciano(University of Maryland), and Nathan Connolly(Johns Hopkins) are the main contributors to this project, and they…

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The Rhythm of Food: Kwaku and John

Our website : – This shows google search trends based on food seasonality • What is the goal of the project? The goal of this…

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