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  1. Nice job in the project! Great job modeling the interior of sayles and exterior of mudd. One thing that was a little confusing was that the embedded city engine is very far away from mudd. Everything else was great.

  2. Lost to Progress Team,

    Your final outputs are impressively detailed 3D reconstructions of the exterior of Mudd and the interior of Sayles gym, presented in a nice clean responsive website. The biggest issue with the project as it currently stands, however, is that very little of the information you presented in your presentation (on the point of the project, the sources and methods used, or the results of your work) is on the website. As stated in the assignment, the final project website itself needs to:

    • Incorporate a strong narrative, storytelling element leading the user through your data
    • be presented with clear narrative introduction, bibliography and supporting documentation

    Right now, the site just contains a brief introductory statement that launches into the 3D viewers with very little guidance and needs to be fleshed out with much more detail, especially on process, sources, and what you established was the purpose of the project: to compare which 3D modeling techniques and presentation tools are most appropriate for interior or exterior modeling.

    On the viewers themselves, navigation could be made easier by

    • Adding a few bookmarks and a detailed comment on Mudd in the CityEngine web viewer would give more guidance to what the user is supposed to be seeing
    • Adding navigation instructions to Sayles so that users know to walk around with WASD and mouse and can go down to the pool, either as an initial instruction UI element, or at least some HTML in the output WebGL page
    • Finally, the height of the FPC in Sayles seems quite short for the space — adjusting it to a better scale would give a more immersive surrogate experience

    You put a lot of work into the modeling and the output looks good, but it needs the written evidence of your process and methodological findings (in the context of the 3D simulation literature) to be a proper DH project.

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