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Carleton’s Expansion over Time

My teammate–Alan and I created a GIS map to illustrate Carleton’s changes in buildings and campus areas over time (from 1919 to present). On our…

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How to Geo-code Maps in Map Warper and Import to ArcGIS

Map Warper is a map-warping (geo-rectifying) service website. It is an open and free resource online. When I am working on my final project that…

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Midterm Project

The link to my post: I created a timeline project about artworks that were created in 1860s and were acquired between 1890 and 1920….

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Carleton Expansion over Time

Alan and I are considering develop a project on how Carleton’s campus has grown and evolved over time, what kind of decisions did the college…

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Spatial Humanities Exercise

The link to my map: This mapping process made me realize that spatial DH projects require patience and parsimony. They visually display the connections…

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Spreadsheets and Relational Databases

There are some benefits that the Spreadsheet contains. It is easy to manipulate data in the spreadsheet. Simple and some complicated calculations can be performed…

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Cultivate Interests in Coding

As someone who is new to coding (besides Excel or SPSS these Stats-related coding), I used to think that coding is extremely hard and I…

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HTML & CSS Learning Experience

As a beginner to HTML and CSS (and any kind of coding), I found myself perplexed by how converting “code text” to “plain text”. The…

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“Robots Reading Vogue” site exploration

“Roberts Reading Vogue” is a website created by the Digital Humanities Apartment at Yale University Library. It is a joint website designed by Lindsay King…

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Building An Apartment in SketchUp

Overall, I enjoyed my experience of building my home in SketchUp. I am not very experienced with building 3D models. Despite the initial nervousness, I…

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