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Parish House History

John and I used various digital humanities tools to show the social and physical history of Parish House. The purpose of this project is to…

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Lost to Progress

Abbey, Kenyon, and I, Aidan, explored 3D modeling of buildings that are no longer standing on the Carleton Campus, or have been renovated in a…

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Alternate Carleton

For our final digital humanities project, Emily and I explored the history behind Carleton’s campus buildings. Our project focusses on an extensive overhaul of the…

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Science at Carleton

Jocelyn and I sought to answer the question, “How and why have the course offerings within the science departments at Carleton changed since 1867?” We did…

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Carleton’s Expansion over Time

My teammate–Alan and I created a GIS map to illustrate Carleton’s changes in buildings and campus areas over time (from 1919 to present). On our…

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Using Google My Maps: The Benefits for Digital Humanities

Google My Maps is a basic mapping software that can easily be used to accomplish lots of common digital humanities goals and analyze in useful…

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Twine: Telling stories

Twine is a simple platform, made to be easy to navigate and user-friendly. It is known to be an interactive game making tool based on…

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How to Use ZotPress

We got introduced to Zotpress during class to help us create bibliographies on our wordpress webpage. Zotero is a powerful tool that can help us…

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Mapping with Timescape

Timescape is an online tool that allows a user to create a timeline which is then presented in a map-based format. As the timeline is…

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Google Apps Script

Experience a whole new level of what Google’s tools can do! This tutorial serves as an introduction to useful applications of Google Apps Script in Google Sheets, such as auto-sorting and extracting specific subsets of data.

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