Science at Carleton

Jocelyn and I sought to answer the question, “How and why have the course offerings within the science departments at Carleton changed since 1867?” We did so by creating an interactive timeline showing the major shifts and important dates in the transformation of Carleton’s science departments from 1867 to 2019 and analyzing how the science course offerings have changed over time, to answer questions such as: At what point did specific departments emerge? Are there departments that are growing? Shrinking? Why?

Check out our final project and our presentation.

Author: Emilee

3 thoughts on “Science at Carleton

  1. It was interesting to see all the different type of approaches you took when investigating how science courses were taught in Carleton! The timeline and website were both really slick and nice to navigate.

  2. Team Science,

    Your project is beautifully packaged and presented, and does a very thorough job of not just illustrating the changing nature of science instruction on campus, but also seeking explanations for those changes. You analysis of the data was very careful, as when you note that “the college’s brief decision to divide biology into two fields: zoology and botany” produced a major blip in your data that was not evidence of an overall decline in these fields but rather a shift in terminology in your sources.

    The different graphing tools and timeline templates were well deployed and explained effectively, and you wrapped it all up in a very attractive and easy to navigate package. The locked primary sidebar menu and secondary menu tabs of the theme you chose were especially effective.

    Great work!

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