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For our final digital humanities project, Emily and I explored the history behind Carleton’s campus buildings. Our project focusses on an extensive overhaul of the campus layout proposed by President Donald J. Cowling in 1928. Although the plan never came to fruition, the original maps and architectural sketches were set aside in the college archives. In order to revive the abandoned historical documents, we created an interactive web map and a 3D game to model the alternate version of Carleton’s campus.

Our project can be found here

Author: Cole

3 thoughts on “Alternate Carleton

  1. A very nice project. I like that you created 3D models and used Unity Player. Your project is very interactive and helps me visualize the buildings.

  2. We can clearly see all the work you put in through the 3d models and the detailed descriptions in the story maps! The side fading image in the website does not really work on big screens but normally people don’t have giant screens so you are probably fine.

  3. Team Alternate Carleton,

    Your final project offers a very thorough and extremely well presented glimpse of the Carleton campus that might have been, had Cowling’s pre-Great Depression vision come to pass. By leveraging the affordances of different tools, you were able to present two complementary interactive experiences of the alternate campus: the immersive first person sense of “being there” in the Unity scene, and the top down, information rich annotated map view in the ArcGIS Story Map. Both are polished and impressive, and the whole is packaged in an attractive website with effective introductory and explanatory prose and a complete, properly formatted bibliography.

    There are only a few suggestions I have for improving the experience:

    • The storymap could use a final proofreading pass, since there are typos on several pages, e.g. “Planned as a part of the never finish Women’s Quadrangle, the main build was going to be…”
    • The Unity scene is lovely and works well, but I only seem to be able to access the map once — after a single teleport ESC does nothing. I would suggest starting the scene with the UI overlay enabled and adding the instructions directly to it, rather than the webplayer (the instructions are not visible at many screen resolutions)

    With these minor tweaks, an already exemplary project will be even more polished. Great work!

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