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Your Digital Identity

One of the goals of this course is to help you develop not just digital literacy but digital fluency. A person literate in a given…

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Sketchup House!

Getting started with a small Sketchup project was actually pretty simple! I had used it a couple times before for other small projects, and although…

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See my house on SketchUp

Using SketchUp for the first time to make a model of the house I grew up in was somewhat intuitive, but also very frustrating. For…

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WordPress 101

Digital Humanities as Community Debates over the definition of the Digital Humanities are by this point very clichéd, to the point that many people have begun…

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SketchUp and 3D basics

The 3D software with the gentlest learning curve is SketchUp.  Formerly owned by Google, it puts an emphasis on ease of use and compatibility with…

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