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Twine: Telling stories

Twine is a simple platform, made to be easy to navigate and user-friendly. It is known to be an interactive game making tool based on…

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Please enjoy. I had a wild time creating this.

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Progress: Courses offered at Carleton since 1867

Progress, Tools, and Techniques: For our project, Emilee and I decided to dig further into the history of science courses offered at Carleton dating back…

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There are disadvantages and advantages to flat file and relational databases. A little background of flat file databases are designed around a single table. This…

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Yes but not everyone can learn to code

There are many perks to combining humanities and coding in order to help enhance our education. Coding is a valuable skill to have, but I…

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Coding isn’t easy

HTML Dog is a great way for beginners like myself to start learning to use HTML and CSS. It has basic line for line tutorials…

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3-D Hereford Mappa Mundi

The original map, held at the Hereford Cathedral, is intricately created on a large sheet of Vellum. On the map, there are myths, legends, untouchable…

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Cathedral Project

Virtual St. Paul’s Cathedral Project was created for the purpose of allowing people to experience the same sermon given to the people by John Donne…

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My Experience

SketchUp has a million cool tools and uses for it, however there are some issues with using the website. The site crashed, froze, and was…

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