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Mapping with Timescape

Timescape is an online tool that allows a user to create a timeline which is then presented in a map-based format. As the timeline is…

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Lost to Progress Update

Abbey, Aidan, and Kenyon Progress:               After having some time to mull over our project, talk with Austin, and take a visit to the Carleton…

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The Good Die Young

I created a timeline that tells the stories of 19th century British artists who did not live past the age of 35. You can find…

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Flat or Fat: Spreadsheets & Databases

Representing data electronically very often involves the use of some kind of table or tables. However, whether to use only one “flat” table or a…

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The Humanities and CS: A Complicated Relationship

When I came to Carleton, I had never learned any coding other than the most basic level of an introduction. I ended up taking a…

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My First HTML/CSS Experience

Though I have a little coding experience, I have never done anything with HTML or CSS. Thus, the beginner’s tutorials that I’ve just completed on…

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Analyzing the “Apartheid Heritages” Project

“Apartheid Heritages” is a multi-scale digital project that seeks to show, through GIS mapping, virtual environments, and a number of other methods, a deep look…

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Believe it or Not, This is Not a Real Image of My House

By Kenyon Hi all! Today’s post revolves around a piece of software known as Sketchup, which I recently tested out by building the model of…

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