Status Update: Visits and Changes

Our team went to the archives last week to research more about the architectural plans, and obtain pictures. While doing so, we found many fascinating maps. Also, we realized that we could build a better argument if we focused on the proposed architectural plans as they relate to different genders.

This is one of the maps we plan to use as part of our project. As you can see, there was a poignant separation of facilities between men and women.

We hope to continue searching through the archives, and find any trends in the maps as they relate to gender, and the progression of time. While we have yet to build something, I believe we’re still pretty much on track on creating a very informative, and interactive digital project. You can find more information on the direction of our project here.



  1. Intriguing! I enjoy reading your group blog and the updates or additional details it has now included. It only thrills me more now to anticipate the result of your project. I also appreciate the fact that, in your personal blog, you inform the readers of your changes and updates. Moreover, being well prepared with sufficient amount of interesting data seems essential for your project since you mentioned that you and your team is still gathering materials. So I wish you good luck in finding helpful sources and I look forward to your final project. 🙂

  2. It is great that you took the adventure to the library archives on the first floor of the archive. Was it possible to scan documents or can you only take pictures of documents that are housed in the archives? I can’t wait to see how Map Warper works with ArcGIS as a Story Map. It will be interesting to see what you find in terms of patterns in gender over time on campus. I look forward to see your final product!

  3. I think the archives were super helpful in figuring out my original sketchup model, so I can imagine that they were pretty helpful in finding map data! I’m looking forward to how exactly the plans will end up sorted by gender and how that will affect the kind of information you’re wanting to convey.

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