The “What if…”

Choose your own adventure books

Choose your own adventure books

I always find myself imagining possible “What if…” scenarios for everything. My group members and I will collaborate on a DH project that displays what the Carleton College campus could have been like if the decisions on building proposals were different. You can read more about our project here.


It’s like re-reading a choose-your-own-adventure story book and picking all the options you didn’t choose the first time!


I really liked the story map of the Gettysburg battle created by the Smithsonian.  I hope that my team can achieve something similar. I want us to create something that will make people feel excited to use just like I was when I explored the Gettysburg battle map.



  1. I like your idea and mindset of imagining a possible disparate future or, as you mentioned, the “what if.” This is definitely an explorable avenue that seems more interesting than just simply probing into an existing facility of mundane history. Moreover, your proposal or plan for this DH project looks very thorough and convincing and so I wish you good look and I look forward toward interacting with your final project.

  2. This looks like it’s going to be an interesting project, Clarissa. As a big fan of choose-your-own adventure books myself, I look forward to your work!

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