Sketchup Week 5

I had a lot of trouble with starting my model. West Gym appears to have a basic rectangular structure, but as you can see below, parabolic top is surprisingly hard to get right.8968_108


In some ways, using the photo-matching technique was much easier than free-form modeling. In other ways, it was a complete headache to be able to carefully and correctly draw lines.I had a lot of problems with photo-matching, and ended up watching a few  tutorials to relearn how to do it. I was really excited when all of my sides turned out!


For my roof, I downloaded the Soap Skin extension. I’m attempting to use it to create the overhang of the top of West Gym, because it doesn’t lend itself well to normal arches. It’s taking a lot of work and I’m really frustrated with what I’ve got so far, which is basically a bit of a glorified arch.


I’m in awe of Minoru Yamasaki, who designed West Gym. I can’t imagine coming up with something this difficult and still having it be architecturally stable, which is something I wouldn’t have thought about until I started modeling.



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