Building First House

I’m a pretty avid fan of Sims 3 and the ‘build’ mode in the game, so I’ve built my house a few different times. I had the basic shape down pretty easy, but it was a little rough getting used to new tools that don’t automatically pop a window right where you want it. However, the customization is so much better! I had a lot of trouble getting roofs to mesh properly with other roofs as well, since they were on different levels. I eventually just gave up trying to fix one part of my roof, but figured that since it was just a simple sketch model it was not as important as it’d be in a different project. I think next time I’ll spend more time tweaking things to look right. I found the SketchUp tutorials online to be super helpful. I just googled “x Sketchup” with a few different phrases for things I struggled with.

2D Images of simple house:

DH.1.Blossom DH.1.4.Blossom DH.1.3.Blossom DH.1.2.Blossom



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  1. It would be great if windows and doors snapped in place as easily as Sims makes it, but as you say “the customization is so much better” in SketchUp that the trade off is worth it… once you get past the learning curve!

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